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Gojo Satoru Canvas Painting Jujutsu Kaisen

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Behold the all-powerful Gojo Satoru.Best described as the most powerful Jujutsu sorcerers of all and a passionate teacher after all. Immensely powerful and "Invincible", his endgame is to reform the jujutsu world from the bottom up through education.

His personality has a different charisma which creates a huge fanbase he has today.

Consider it as a memento for all of those Gojo Satoru fans, who love the character and dialogues. Available in various sizes, this canvas is something that you can always look towards to draw an inspiration.

Modern Wall Art Giclee Prints: Green Ink Print on Canvas
Coating: UV,Water-Proof,Moisture-Proof
Simple Poster: For Bedroom,Living Room
Material: Canvas
Picture: Wall Art
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Joey Little

I love it so much

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