Sano Manjiro Cosplay Cloak Tokyo Revengers (Variants Available) - Anime Dagger
Sano Manjiro Cosplay Cloak Tokyo Revengers (Variants Available) - Anime Dagger
Sano Manjiro Cosplay Cloak Tokyo Revengers (Variants Available) - Anime Dagger
Sano Manjiro Cosplay Cloak Tokyo Revengers (Variants Available) - Anime Dagger
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14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:100014064;200007763:201336100|14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:361386;200007763:201336100|14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:361385;200007763:201336100|14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:100014065;200007763:201336100|14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:4182;200007763:201336100|14:173#Sano cloak 1;5:4183;200007763:201336100
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14:350850#Mikey 1;5:100014064;200007763:201336100|14:350850#Mikey 1;5:361386;200007763:201336100|14:350850#Mikey 1;5:361385;200007763:201336100|14:350850#Mikey 1;5:100014065;200007763:201336100|14:350850#Mikey 1;5:4182;200007763:201336100|14:350850#Mikey 1;5:4183;200007763:201336100
14:691#Mikey 2;5:100014064;200007763:201336100|14:691#Mikey 2;5:361386;200007763:201336100|14:691#Mikey 2;5:361385;200007763:201336100|14:691#Mikey 2;5:100014065;200007763:201336100|14:691#Mikey 2;5:4182;200007763:201336100|14:691#Mikey 2;5:4183;200007763:201336100

Anime Dagger

Sano Manjiro Cosplay Cloak Tokyo Revengers (Variants Available)

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Transcend the laws of time and explore the niche that Tokyo Revengers has carved out for itself with some amazing anime themed merch. Look exactly like your favorite character with this spot-on high quality cosplay uniform!

Material: Polyester
Components: Top
Components: Pants
Components: Jackets
Components: Dresses
Components: Cloak

Package Includes :
1. Clothes 
2. Wig  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Monserrate Schumm

All is Huly, the threads stick out a little, but this is fix, the suit is of course made of thin fabric, but for the summer or cool days the most it looks looks looks Insts: kayameko

Bailey Breitenberg

For its price, a beautiful cosplay. Material of course synthetics, but what else do you want for such a price. On the dimensional grid you can navigate. Size M sat well even on greasy straps. Delivered quickly. In general, everyone is happy

Chadrick Strosin

The wig is a little different than what I expected and so I really like) and the suit is also cool

Leopoldo Hermiston

но одно но , заказывала последний размер , по талии не очень подошло а так вполне неплохо

Jerrold Hartmann

The costume is good, but when ordering, please note that the T-shirt is thin synthetics and the tightening under it will be well visible, so for the photo I used here another T-shirt. In the rest, the dimensional grid coincides, everything is cool)

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